Prada – The Quality Shoes For Men

Everyone desires style and comfort, and you should not be an exception to this. Choosing men’s footwear that is beautifully designed sometimes becomes a very tough decision, as there are so many varieties of footwear brands claiming to be the best for comfort and style.

I think when it comes to choosing the best designer shoes there is simply nothing better than the Italian designer shoes and Prada shoes are the best define all of these characteristics. They are the most sought after shoes at any point of given time anywhere in the world. You may be wondering why I am advocating for Prada shoes, the reason being simple, it is the best, stands for highest quality footwear, best materials used, superb craftsmanship.

A little bit of research on Italian men’s footwear will reveal that they have-not given up the conventional methods of tanning and shoe making. /so what does it mean? It means that best of materials are used for both the inner lining and the uppers. Prada shoes normally are more durable than what the maker of it claims. It has a long life after which wear and tear may take place but you have to admit that the quality footwear they are offering, coming at a premium price tag, they are worth buying and I am sure once you use it, you will say that you have actually paid less for what you have bought.

Italian designer Prada shoes are the best as it has passed the tough test of quality, perfect fit. Prada shoes appeal most to the youth today because of its versatile features and you know it only when your feet get it. Selecting from a wide range of footwear becomes easier only when you know what you want. I am sure you will want to know of the various styles, the quality of leather, the colors as well as the pattern, personal tastes and comfort level. Prada shoes are one of the best designer shoes n the world and they are really too good at designing the best quality of designer men’s shoes which will give you the best fit, style as well as comfort.

I think many of us treat our feet as not good as other parts of our body, which is the reason many of us don’t make a serious attempt to give our feet the desires level of attention the result is we wear a shoe that is not fit for us which leads to problem in our feet. But with the coming of Italian footwear, Prada the concept has been redefined. Every individual now think of wearing Prada footwear to give his foot a high level of comfort.

Make sure that your designer men’s shoes are made of good leather, have a good stitching, have a good quality sole, and of it are hand sewn leather as they are the best. Prada shoes are the strongest and the most durable of shoes at present. What is said about Italian designer footwear is indeed true and surely you will also agree once you use it. Italian do the shoes manufacturing business better than anyone in the world, that’s why Prada shoes are the best and they will be the best dominating the footwear business.

Tips From a Fashionista: How to Spot an Authentic Prada Handbag

Let’s be honest, we all love a good deal on a designer handbag. We will search for hours looking for the perfect authentic designer purse to throw over our shoulder and secretly hope others will stare at it in envy. The problem with our search for the elusive perfect designer purse is that we oftentimes stumble across knock-offs, and who would want to be caught carrying a fake?? I know I sure wouldn’t! To solve this problem, we must fully equip ourselves with the knowledge to outsmart the schemers trying to taint our fashionable records. This knowledge consists of being able to spot signature, minute details that belong to each design house. While the common person may not be able to recognize the missing pieces, a true fashionista will see them right away. To help you start expanding your designer handbag knowledge, let’s take a look at Prada, one of the foremost fashion houses in the world.

Starting with the interior and working our way out, let’s talk about the inside. Most of Prada’s handbags have the name “Prada” repeatedly written on the lining. Check the spelling of the fashion house because many times knock-offs carelessly misspell it. One thing to keep in mind is that while MOST Prada handbags have the name repeatedly stamped in them, not all do. For example, leather, suede, and nylon interiors do not have this feature. So, make sure that you always take a look at the inside to determine what type of material it is and if there should be writing.

When looking at the Prada name, there a few details on the logo that will help you determine its authenticity. First of all, the letters are all capitalized. Lowercase letters are always a dead giveaway that the bag is not an authentic Prada handbag. Also, the R should have a deeper curve than a standard printed R and the A will have an extra thick bar on the right side that has a long, protruding tip up top. It sounds confusing, but when looking at a real Prada bag, you will know exactly what I am talking about. This logo should be found on the emblem tag on the inside of the purse. EVERY Prada bag will have it.

Authentic Prada handbags are known for their quality. All bags made from hardy materials that can withstand the test of time. The metals used by the fashion house are no exception to this rule, so check all of the hardware to ensure that it is neither brittle, nor thin. This means that the zippers should properly function as well. Hangups and catches are not an attribute with which Prada associates. Additionally, Prada strives to craft the durable materials together in a beautiful manner. The stitching should be aligned properly and it will be tight throughout the entire bag. No snags or pulls allowed!

The last characteristic of an authentic Prada handbag that I leave with you is the most important one. Make sure that it comes with an authenticity card. Every purse made by Prada will have an authenticity card, the serial number, and the name of the bag enclosed in a black envelope. Then, the bag will be placed inside of Prada’s signature white dust bag that features a black Prada logo on it.

This may seem like a lot of information, but it is all really easy to spot on an authentic Prada handbag. These tips can save you time and money when searching for the perfect purse. So, always keep them in mind when shopping. If these seem like too many tips to remember, you can simply visit Prada wholesalers who are trusted retailers of the iconic brand. Places like Queen Bee of Beverly Hills offer authentic designer handbags at a fraction of the cost of pricy department stores. Now you do not have to worry about being schemed and you can look fabulous on a budget!