Prada Handbag Leather Black BN1795

There is something about wearing a Prada handbag that makes ladies feel so sexy and powerful. Prada bags are usually easy to spot. It must be their unmistakable design. Prada is elegant yet fun and always has a sense of mystery. From their luxurious leather to their durable hardware.

Prada’s distinct look will be a fashion icon for generations to come. Sales soared after the 2006 release of the Devil Wears Prada and really put the Designer on the map. Sure Prada has been around since 1914, but was mostly known after only by the Elite and the rich & famous. Now women around the world wear Prada. Italian designers have always been known for using fine leathers and excellent craftsmanship. And Prada is no exception to the rule, with there soft and durable Deerskin and Lambskin leathers. Yet unlike other designer, Prada is very risqué even with their models.

They usually open their Fashion Shows with new models. That’ s not something most designer would dare. They turn their bags, shoes and accessories into a work of art. The continually break to the mold, with their extraordinary one of a kind designs Some of the top selling Prada bags are Prada Gauffre Handbag in black leather BN1336 and The Prada Vitelo Daino Deerskin Tote model # BN1795 in black & white. With Prada, you will always make an impression!

Some of my top selling Prada bags are Prada Gauffre Handbag in black leather BN1336 and The Prada Vitelo Daino Deerskin Tote model # BN1795 in black & white. Are new arrivals are the BR3571 Prada Tassel and the BR3787 Prada large Tote in Sughero color, which is absolutely gorgeous. It’ s a mix between orange and brown, kind of like a saddle color.

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Command Mystique With A Black Prada Purse

The black Prada purse has become precisely what you must have to keep everything in its place. Stylish, versatile, and made of the finest quality Italian leather that makes all Prada products so inviting and long-lasting, the Prada purse brings immediate grace and superb taste to your wardrobe. The Prada logo is a symbol of status and success wherever it is displayed on the planet.

If you believe you can arrive at the check out or in the shopping mall, take the black Prada purse from your coat or bag and stay unnoticed, think again. Anywhere, anytime, whether at a meeting or a party you will see what it means to own a Prada purse. You can feel the outstanding quality of the leather in your hand, the smiling faces flash with a hint of envy, and you know you’re holding a bit of stylish history. This has become a purse which is as close to art as clothing accessories can be. All Prada purses are made of the best quality Italian leather. Legendary elegance, with an almost Century-old craftsmanship which makes Prada’s unmistakable fashion so precious and distinctive

Unlike the Prada red, with its gallant boldness and garishly charming undertones, the Prada black purse speaks for control, leadership and power. Black has become synonymous with sophistication and elegance – a black belt in karate has become an absolute expert, a ‘black tie’ event is year after year scrupulously formal and if a business is ‘in the black’, it is a business which is making profit. You hold all of this fashion and grace when you hold a purse from Prada.

Incremental to the striking color, this purse is all leather, and can be faultless for everyday use or distinct occasions, with durable design and typically tough Prada stitching. It is no wonder that the black Prada purse is one of the most enviable products on their label. It also has a push-lock closure and snaps shut with a button to keep your valuables safe. The functional design and modern-yet-legendary black coloring works beautifully with any alignment of outerwear and any location, summer or winter.

We know that Prada’s black purse is synonymous with all of this and more, and that it is guaranteed to bring you the kind of cognizance from sales assistants that you have come to count on. It is now common knowledge that no one ever buys Prada by accident, and that is definitely true of Prada’s black purse. You could be excused for calling it the dream purse. It suits every event, and brings you straight to the foreground whenever you use it. If you’re in doubt about Prada, or you’re wondering whether black is for you, then remember this: the ancient Egyptians believed that the black cat had divine powers. This is exactly the kind of mystique you will command with this item as part of your wardrobe.