Prada Handbag Leather Black BN1795

There is something about wearing a Prada handbag that makes ladies feel so sexy and powerful. Prada bags are usually easy to spot. It must be their unmistakable design. Prada is elegant yet fun and always has a sense of mystery. From their luxurious leather to their durable hardware.

Prada’s distinct look will be a fashion icon for generations to come. Sales soared after the 2006 release of the Devil Wears Prada and really put the Designer on the map. Sure Prada has been around since 1914, but was mostly known after only by the Elite and the rich & famous. Now women around the world wear Prada. Italian designers have always been known for using fine leathers and excellent craftsmanship. And Prada is no exception to the rule, with there soft and durable Deerskin and Lambskin leathers. Yet unlike other designer, Prada is very risqué even with their models.

They usually open their Fashion Shows with new models. That’ s not something most designer would dare. They turn their bags, shoes and accessories into a work of art. The continually break to the mold, with their extraordinary one of a kind designs Some of the top selling Prada bags are Prada Gauffre Handbag in black leather BN1336 and The Prada Vitelo Daino Deerskin Tote model # BN1795 in black & white. With Prada, you will always make an impression!

Some of my top selling Prada bags are Prada Gauffre Handbag in black leather BN1336 and The Prada Vitelo Daino Deerskin Tote model # BN1795 in black & white. Are new arrivals are the BR3571 Prada Tassel and the BR3787 Prada large Tote in Sughero color, which is absolutely gorgeous. It’ s a mix between orange and brown, kind of like a saddle color.

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What Makes a Prada Handbag Unique?

The handbags and purses from Prada are items that make many women drool after them and owning one is something that they wish to achieve even if they have to pay an exorbitant price for them. From the time, Mario Prada, the person who brought Prada into this world introduced the first collection; this brand has gone from strength to strength. Over the years, they have improved on their designs, style, colors and elegance and have become the brand that is sought after by every fashion conscious individual.

Prada designs are exquisite and still are able to maintain a low profile. They are not in your face and are much understated. This adds to their appeal as many would not want to be loud about their preferences. With simple designs, cuts and trendy colors, Prada has avoided the use of many unnecessary trappings and complicating their products. Despite their simple design, the versatility of Prada handbags and purses is undisputed. Their simplicity has enabled them to occasionally add small embellishments and transform an ordinary product into something very sparkling. The use of pleats, sequins, buckles and beads are very skillfully done to give a new look to the products and make them stand out from the rest of the items.

Since most women are specific about fashion trends and would like to be in the thick of it, they motivate the manufacturer and designer to come out with attractive and innovative designs regularly. The grand daughter of Mario Prada has been very instrumental in making sure that Prada gets into the haute couture world and becomes the brand of choice for the elite. She introduced the nylon fabric made backpack in jet black and made it waterproof so that you got a combination of utility and class. This product once again established Prada as a brand deeply interested in meeting the requirements of its customers and gave it a distinct place in fashion accessories. Prada regularly comes out with colors such as greens, creams and browns besides the usual black for their products and equips them with superb quality for lasting utility. Of late, Prada has also come out with much brighter colors like purple and pink along with unique animal prints and patterns. This has given them fresh set of customers who like such colors and look forward to the earthiness of a brand like Prada.

The Prada handbag is all about richness of material, color and luxury. The leather skins are from various sources like snake skin, calfskin, deerskin, nylon and even lizard skins. Other materials like tortoise shells are also used regularly to lend the products the unique Prada touch and feel

How to Find a Prada Handbag For Less Money

Prada handbags combine high fashion with understatement and eye-popping prices. A regular Prada handbag can cost from $500 to $2,000. A few special makes of Prada handbags are priced higher than $10,000. Miu Miu is the other label attributed to Miuccia Prada, who has been recognized as one Europe’s most powerful women. Avid fans of the signature Prada handbags include actresses Salma Hayek, Cameron Diaz, Kristen Davis, Scarlett Johannson and Uma Thurman, singer Avril Lavigne, and Pope Benedict XVI.

Low-Cost Prada Handbags Options for the Real Thing

There are, however, a range of lower-priced or discounted Prada handbags available in the market. With a bit of diligence, you might come across Prada sports handbags, coin purses and medium-sized leather purses, fabric bags and leather bags priced between $100 and $1,000, depending on materials used and size of purse.

The online store stocks special rate items from the Prada handbag range. The store offers to ship authentic and original Prada handbags direct from the factories in Italy to customers’ doorsteps. The selection to choose from includes outdoor, sports, casual and urban styles, all of them original Prada handbags, of course. buys its Prada handbags at heavily discounted prices, which is why the online store is able to pass on the savings to its customers, offering them better deals on Prada handbags.

Steering Clear of Fake Prada Handbags

There are a great many Prada handbag imitations in the market whose sellers are trying to pass of as the real thing. So care should be taken to avoid the mishap of paying for fake Prada handbags at original, expensive prices.

Make sure that the handbag you are buying is a genuine or authentic Prada handbag. Carefully inspect the hardware used for the handbag. Prada uses only antique brass on its Prada handbags. Handles and straps attached to Prada handbags are the best available and the lining use on every authentic Prada handbag is made from the finest quality material. For even greater guarantee of authenticity, buy your Prada handbag from prestigious department stores such as Neiman Marcus or Saks. Odds are very small that fake Prada handbags have made their way into their inventory.