Prada Sunglasses – The Definition of Style

1913 was the year when Prada initially appeared but at that time it only dealt with items made of leather. It wasn’t until 1978 that the brand finally turned into a fashion house that amazed everyone. The person behind this brand is none other than Mario Prada; but it was under the direction of his daughter, Muiccia, which made Prada climb the height of new modes. Prada’s sunglasses are exemplary works of art and imagination. Frames are handmade and this is exactly what makes their clients drool over their skills. The collection is very broad. Besides being a leader in classic design, there are many stylish designs to strengthen your glam intelligence. The colors available will only catch your breath.

If you want to enjoy style, Prada sunglasses offer several apex fashion accessories for your eyes. You will be surprised to see that you are no longer a wall flower but a center of attraction. The name Prada is synonymous with style, elegance and by being chic and trendy. To become a sporting pair of Prada glasses means no less than a high fashion sense and elevated status in society. Try the various trends that exist to look and feel sexy. Only when you exercise them, you will realize the luxurious air and style that surrounds you.

Some of the most popular models available from Prada are:

• Prada aviator sunglasses – Aviators are one type of sunglasses that will never be out of date. That’s the latest pilot design from Prada. This model can be used at any time of the year and perfect your fashion intelligence. This pilot is said to sit very well on someone’s face with its unique and subtle nature.
• Retro prada glasses – the 292512 model number sport designed specifically for men gives them a very cosmopolitan feel. The retro look has returned with a bang and Prada has just come out to give a lot of courage. Try these sunglasses for the best retro look.
• Prada 08MS, Prada 09MS, and Prada 15MS – All of these have colored frames and will definitely give a very classy look. Prada 08MS is yellow while Prada 09 is red and finally Prada 15MS is green. Add this to your collection to spice up your evening.
• Prada 51NS- Having a very feminine feeling about them, these sunglasses are very smooth but still have a very contemporary look. Ideal for women who want to highlight their presence.

If you think that Prada sunglasses are too expensive and out of budget – think again. There are various online stores where you will find great deals on sunglasses that you like. All you have to do is look for the right shop and soon you will be sporting a stylish Prada! The variety of Prada sunglasses is pure pleasure after everything gets richer.

Make a Style Statement With Replica Prada Bag

Prada is brand which has come to be quite inextricably associated with class and a fine taste in terms of fashion – with many people who are considered fashion idols often being seen carrying a bag. Of course, the fashion idols get paid (by the makers) tons of money to endorse the ‘original’ Prada handbags – money which has to be recouped from ‘ordinary’ buyers of the ‘original’ bags, which naturally pushes the price of the typical ‘original’ bag beyond the reach of many people.

Luckily, if you have always wanted to make a fashion statement with a Prada handbag, but have not been able to marshal the considerable financial investment required to purchase such an ‘original’ Prada bag, you can still get to make the same statement – by going for a replica Prada handbag.

The replica Prada bag is made to meet the needs of the people who would like to make a statement about their sense of style with a bag – but who simply find the price of an ‘original’ bag beyond their reach.

And contrary to what one might first think, the replica Prada bag is not an obvious ‘bootleg’ Prada bag copy – and indeed, it is extremely hard to tell it apart from an ‘original’ bag even for the best trained eye, meaning that it is typically only you, as the carrier who will be aware of the fact that what you are carrying is a ‘replica’ Prada handbag, and not an original. This means as far as making style statements goes, you will be able to make the exact statement that you would have made with an ‘original’ bag through your replica Prada bag, because the replica looks exactly like the ‘original’ in all ways – yet it costs only a fraction of what the ‘original’ Prada handbag goes for.

And again, contrary to what you might image, going for the replica Prada handbag does not necessarily mean that you will have to compromise on durability and other practical features that have made the ‘original’ Prada handbag the darling of many people, because the materials and designs employed in making the ‘original’ Prada bag are the very same materials and designs employed in making the replica Prada handbag.

Now to understand how the makers of the replica Prada handbag are able to offer the very same product that the makers of the ‘original’ bag at a fraction of the price those original makers of Prada handbags offer their products at, we have to go to the first fact we mentioned in this article, that a major component of the price that the makers of the ‘original’ Prada bag charge for their product goes towards the payment of the various fashion models and other brand ambassadors that have made Prada the big brand it rightfully is today. But since the makers of the replica bag don’t have to pay for these endorsement costs, they are able to offer the very product at a much lower price, without necessarily compromising on the quality.

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Prada Glasses – The Epitome of Style and Refinement

Remember the days when wearing glasses was one thing most people dreaded? Kids especially would rather take a beating than have to go to school and be teased about their eyewear. All that has changed and today, thanks to brands such as Prada, glasses are actually cool. Prada is actually an Italian based clothing designer who over the past few years has branched out into the eyeglass field.

You may be more familiar with their line of sunglasses; however, Prada now offers stylish quality prescription glasses as well. If you are going to wear glasses, you might as well have the best, right?

Recent movies such as the Devil Wears Prada with Meryl Streep made designer glasses and clothing popular. After the premier of the movie internet search engines went wild with searches for Prada, designer eyewear and more. The average American wanted their Prada glasses and much more.

Starting as a leather goods store in the early 1900s Prada quickly gained a reputation for high-end goods. Mario Prada, the founder of the company, had strict rules about women in his workshop, which made it very ironic that the person to continue the company’s ascent was in fact his daughter. His daughter took the reins in 1978 and together with her husband reinvented the Designers name and branched into the clothing design industry.

Great management and leadership have allowed Prada to stay on top in the eyewear industry, in spite of the fact that glass styles tend to change from one generation to the next. In fact, when it comes to class and sophistication you are practically guaranteed to find a pair of Prada glasses to suit your tastes and lifestyle.

Prada glasses come in a variety of colors and shapes; you can find them in traditional colors such as black, grey, silver or gunmetal or go a little more bold with bright pinks, tortoiseshell or deep reds. Once you have settled on your favourite color designer glasses you can choose from many frame types. Prada offers sleek and rectangular, large and beautiful and unobtrusive rimless frames.

Of course, when you are talking about a designer name like Prada you are guaranteed to face a bit of sticker shock. Prada glasses do not come cheap, at $150-$300 a pair they are not for the faint of heart. You are paying as much for the name of these designer glasses as you are for the quality of the piece.

That does not mean you cannot find Prada glasses at a great price. If you search the internet, you can find designer glasses such as Prada at discount prices. Many retailers will be able to offer them at bargain prices due to low overhead costs and purchasing in bulk. This means that the average person can get access to the style and sophistication of Prada glasses without breaking the bank.